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MAE Undergraduate Student Awards

Each year during National Engineering Week (E-Week), the MAE Department recognizes its students, alumni, and faculty for outstanding academic performance and service.

Given to a graduating senior who selflessly helps fellow students and has demonstrated academic excellence, ethical behavior, an ability to work well in teams, and a dependable and diligent work ethic. This award is given in honor of Brandon Paulsen (BS '97, MS '98) who, as an MAE student, demonstrated these attributes. Brandon passed away in 2005 from cancer.

2016  Mitch Baugh
2015  David Stringham
2014  Tyson Kesler
2013  Clair Hawkins
2012  Amanda Johnson
2011  Tyson Watkins

2010  Robert Merrill
2009  Nicholus C. McKee
2008  Matthew Fifield
2007  Eric Callister
2006  Travis Moesser

 Recognizes dedication and service to fellow students and the community.

2016  Jose Campos
2015  Landon Hillyard
2014  Bruce Hoffman
2013  Trevin Hafen
2012  Dallin Jackson
2011  Annika Jensen

2010  Steve Schwab
2009  Sara Driggs
2008  Spencer Naser
2007  Stephen Barker
2006  Paul J. Bernards

Recognizes MAE's top graduating senior with the highest GPA.

2016  Karen DeMille
2015  Jesse Spackman
2014  Bryan Stringham
2013  Ruth Miller
2012  Brock Wiberg
2011  Justin Koeln

2010  Jeff Harris
2009  Stanford Rosen
2008  Jacob Haderlie
2007  Eric Callister
2006  Randall Christensen
2005  Benjamin Andersen

Recognizes academic excellence as evidenced by a high GPA.

 Year   Senior  Junior  Pre-Professional
 2016    Nathan Stacey   Brad Siler   Jackson Matsen 
 2015   Karson Halverson  Karen DeMille  Joshua Goates
 2014   Tyson Kesler  Jesse Spackman   Shaun Harris
 2013   Ruth Miller  Bryan Stringham  Zachary Christensen
 2012   Brock Wiberg  Devin Baird  Bryan Stringham
 2011   Justin Koeln  Brock Wiberg   Kyle Mackay
 2010   Jeff Harris  Ryuichi Yamamoto  Jordan Brimley
 2009   Stanford Rosen  Benjamin Griffiths  Ryuichi Yamamoto
 2008   Jacob Haderlie  Blake Rusch  Benjamin Griffiths
 2007   Eric Callister  Colby Jensen  Blake Rusch
 2006   Randall Christensen  Jared Bench  Andrew C. Johnson
 2005   Benjamin Andersen  Randall Christensen  Eric Callister

Recognizes committment to and excellence in research.

2016  Benjamin Vegel
2015  Shaun Harris
2014  Benjamin White
2013  Ryan Martineau
2012  Crystal Frazier
2011  Blake Lance

2010  Justin Koeln
2009  Michael Lambert
2008  Brandon Wilson
2007  Cameron King
2006  Zac Humes