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MAE Graduate Student Awards

Each year during National Engineering Week (E-Week), the MAE Department recognizes its students, alumni, and faculty for outstanding academic performance and service.

Recognizes excellence in instruction or teaching assistance.

2016  Dalon Work, Instructor
2015  Daniel Shook, TA
2014  Colby Jensen, TA
2013  Shane Robinson, TA
2012  Kyle Horne, TA
2011  Jeff Harris and David Nani, TA
2010  Alex Wouden, TA
2009  Shannon Eilers, TA
2008  Michael Hradisky, TA
2006  Michael Hradisky, TA

Recognizes research excellence as evidenced by scholary publications or distinguished recognition from the engineering community.

2016  Troy Munro and Lin Zhang, PhD
2015  Blake Lance and Dayakar Lavadiya, PhD; Sean Walker, MS
2014  Jeff Harris, PhD; Dan Merkley and Jeff Moody, MS
2013  Shannon Eilers, PhD; Scott Warner, MS
2012  Colby Jensen, PhD; Daniel Garrett, MS
2011  Chunbo Zhang, PhD; Benjamin Timmins, MS
2010  Jeffrey Boulware, PhD; Brandon Wilson, MS
2009  Peter Zemke, PhD; Daniel Christensen, MS
2008  Tian Tang, PhD; Dustin Allen and Shannon Eilers, MS
2007  Yanzhe Yang, PhD
2006  Jeffrey Allen, PhD