Concurrent BS/Master's Program


The concurrent BS/Master's program allows engineering students to begin taking graduate-level classes during their senior year. This permits them to complete requirements for both the BS degree and the master's degree concurrently during two years. Students in this program have a greater selection of graduate courses, since many graduate courses are taught during alternate years. In addition, the student's senior design project could be a start for a graduate design project or thesis. After completing their BS degree, students in the program can earn a master's degree in only one additional year. Both the BS and the master's degree can generally be earned with 150-156 total credits, although students should note that a Plan C MS requires 3 extra credits.


Students in Biological Engineering must complete their junior year in engineering with a 3.0 GPA, both overall and during the last 60 semester credits. Students in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering must have a 3.2 GPA, both overall and during the last 60 semester credits. Students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering must have a 3.3 GPA, both overall and during the last 60 semester credits. Students in Mechanical Engineering must earn a 3.5 GPA for the 60 semester credits completed at the end of their junior year. No later than the beginning of the first semester of the senior year, they must apply to the department offering their major and be accepted into the concurrent program. For application forms, students should contact their department office or the College of Engineering Advising Center (Engineering 314A).

To prepare a two-year completion plan of study, students must meet with their approved faculty advisor. (Department head gives approval for advisor.)

Students must first contact the department to determine eligibility for the concurrent program. If eligible, they should apply to the School of Graduate Studies. A Split Registration Form must be filled out and submitted for each semester the student is enrolled in the concurrent program. All paperwork involved should have a notation of "Concurrent Enrollment" at the top of each page (e.g., undergraduate application for graduation, Program of Study, split forms, etc.).

Formal acceptance into the School of Graduate Studies is required. The student must select a graduate committee, which must be approved by the School of Graduate Studies. The proposed master's program must be approved by the committee, as well as by the School of Graduate Studies.

During the second year of the concurrent program, the student must pay graduate tuition. When the student is within 21 credits of completing both degrees, he or she will be coded as a graduate student. Thereafter, the student will pay graduate fees and will be eligible for loans, but not grants.

An application for graduation with a BS degree must be completed. The student must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in courses approved for his or her concurrent program.