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Liquid Assets
The Science and Business of Art

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Art and Science connect us all.

Art can be used to elaborate science. And science can often explain art.

Utah State University presents Liquid Assets — a series of talks and workshops on Art, Science, and Business — April 13 at the USU Logan campus. Join us for this enlightening discussion told from the perspective of artists and scientists. In this unique symposium, we'll explore how high-speed imaging provides an entirely new perspective on how art comes to life.

We'll hear from a team of international artists and scientists along with expert art curators and science journalists about the exciting realm where art and science meet. Register online today!


April 13, 2018

Tadd Truscott introduction - in the Merrill Cazier Library room 101
Presentation by Katia and Bruno, showcasing their unique technique
Presentation by Tadd Truscott discussing the fluid dynamics of Katia and Bruno’s art
Presentation by Jesse Belden about photographic techniques for scientific measurement
Presentation by Katia and Bruno about their innovative approach to sharing their art with the public and earning a living
30-minute break
Presentation by Nicole Sharp about how the dissemination of science through artistic focus
Presentation by Becky Dunham, A plastic presence: notes from a curator
3:00 – 5:00
Two workshops held simultaneously
  • Create your own splatter creation with Katia and Bruno - in the Fine Arts-Visual Building Room 108
  • Learn the basics of high speed photography with Tadd and Jesse - in the Splash Lab in the Technology Building 110A
Fine Art's building

Fine Arts-Visual Building Room 108
Create your own splatter creation with Katia and Bruno

Splash lab's work

Splash Lab in the Technology Building
Learn the basics of high speed photography with Tadd and Jesse


Katia Marchiori

Katia Marchiori (Artist | Liege Belgium)

Up to you

We unveil our story of how we became artists and how our art is an expression of who we are and how we view the world.

Bruno Le Boulenge

Bruno Le Boulenge (Artist | Liège Belgium)

Gathering Beauty

We think not in time but in motion. Our techniques inherently pause motion and as such allow us to express these concepts.

Tadd Truscott

Tadd Truscott (Splashy Scientist | USU)

Unraveling Beauty

From the large facades of our buildings to the refinement of art canvas, paintings literally surround us and make our lives colorful.

Jesse Belden

Jesse Belden (Naval Engineer | Naval Underwater Warfare Center)

Imaging for Insight

The use of photographic techniques as scientific instruments accelerates discovery and stimulates creativity.

Becky Dunham

Becky Dunham (Curator | NEHMA)

A Plastic Presence: Notes from a Curator

Curator Rebecca A. Dunham will share her experiences curating the exhibition “Synthetic Supports: Plastic is the New Paper

Nicole Sharp

Nicole Sharp (Scientist | F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics)

Spreading Science Through Art

Science, especially fluid dynamics, can be mathematically-intense, but calculus is not a pre-requisite for appreciating nature.


Both workshops will be held simultaneously (two hours maximum)

Create your own splatter creation with Katia and Bruno

Katia and Bruno will teach you how to create similar art to the art they make everyday in this two hour intensive and exciting workshop

Learn the basics of high speed photography with Tadd and Jesse

Tadd and Jesse have been taking high speed photographs for 15 years and winning some competitions with them. In this two hour workshop you will have the opportunity to take high speed photos with both Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras with flashes and High-speed video cameras. Please bring your own flash and/or SLR if you have one (mirrorless cameras are ok too).

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