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Dissertation (12 Credits minimum)

PhD Dissertation:
Students must take an appropriate number of research credit hours to complement their graduate program and be consistent with the Graduate School requirements.

Additional Degree Requirements

  1. Qualifying Examination
  2. Dissertation Research Proposal Defense
  3. Final Dissertation Defense
  4. One peer-reviewed, first-author journal paper submission or a conference presentation with a peer-reviewed, first-author paper per 12 dissertation credits. The publication should be generated from the research under supervision of the student’s Faculty Advisor during the course of graduate study at USU.
  5. EED 7810* - Research Seminar (1 credit): This course is offered each spring semester. Attendance is required throughout the entire Ph.D. program. However, students are required to register for this course only once while in the Ph.D. program.
  6. Teaching experience including one or more of the following:
    1. Two semesters of guided teaching experience
    2. Experience as a K-12 teacher
    3. Experience as university/college/community college faculty
    4. Other equivalent experience approved by the Department Head and the student’s graduate committee

Course Schedule

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