Alumni Quotes

Hear what our Alumni have to say about our program.

Stacie Gregory

“ icon Earning a PhD in Engineering Education at Utah State University equipped me with the knowledge and skills to pursue my passion: to utilize research-based practices to broaden the participation of women and under-represented minorities in engineering. The faculty and staff in the EED department were as committed to my success as I was. Thanks to their support, I am on my way to making an impact in engineering education and beyond!

— Stacie Gregory, '15

Alex Jejia

“ icon I have been conducting research on multicultural education and technology instruction, which will have a positive impact on many minority students throughout the nation. Besides career benefits, the campus is beautiful, there are many outdoor activities and many awesome people here.

— Joel (Alex) Mejia, '14

Harry Santoso

“ icon Pursuing a PhD in Engineering Education at USU will help me reach one of my dreams in life —to blend the cognitive and computer sciences. The doctoral program is ideal for those who have a passion for both engineering and education, and a desire to design innovative approaches for educating our future engineers.

— Harry Santoso, '13

Daisy Huang

“ icon The Department of Engineering Education (EED) at USU is a place where experts on the cutting edge of engineering education get together; a place where you can contribute to the creation of a new era in engineering. My three years in the EED doctoral program have catapulted me toward realizing my dream to become a professor in Engineering Education.

— Shaobo (Daisy) Huang, '12

Ting Song

“ icon I enjoyed working with the faculty and graduate students in the program. Their backgrounds were so diverse and I could get various perspectives as we communicated. I also liked the environment for researching where we shared experiences and ideas. The department faculty collaborated with a lot of researchers from other institutions in the field which gave me access to many studies I was interested in.

— Ting Song, '13


“ icon The EED department gave me a completely new insight about engineering education. It changed my teaching philosophy a lot. The courses and the research agenda were exactly what I needed to make a change in my teaching style and strategy.

— Seyedmohammad (Moe) Tajvidi, '16

Ben Call

“ icon The more I learn about this broad field of engineering education, the more potential I find for applying this research in industry and the better I can see my future as a teacher in a classroom. I have always been fascinated with how we learn and teach, and now I am having that material presented to me in a context I understand: Engineering. The approach here at USU has, overall, been quite satisfying.

—Ben Call, ‘16

Andreas Febrian

“ icon "Pursuing this degree has enabled me to reflect intelligently on my experiences as a learner and an instructor. It inspired me to ask whether I have helped myself and my computer science students to regulate our learning and to investigate that question through educational research."

—Andreas Febrian, '16