Thesis Template

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All PhD dissertations and MS-Plan A theses should first adhere to the Utah State University Publication Guide found at the USU Graduate Studies Academic forms page. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will only accept the LaTeX format style.

Here are the updated instructions per Dr. Scott Budge:

  1. Go to the thesis template page.
  2. The students can then download all of the files in the directory and use them to build the thesis example. The latest revision of the LaTeX thesis example will always be the one in the directory.
  3. If any student needs to modify the files to make his/her thesis work, they should contact Dr. Scott Budge.

Make sure that you have the correct title for the dean of Graduate Studies and also a Public Abstract, as well as your regular abstract. The order and format is built into LaTeX.

Here are some helpful programs:

  1. This is the link to ProTeX. It is a convenient and free package that combines everything you need to create LaTeX documents.
  2. This is the link to Jabref. I've found it very useful for managing my .bib files. It can link to files on your computer or on the web and includes a search engine for articles in several databases (including IEEEXplore) and automatically imports the reference.
    – Spencer Jackson
  3. I also know that many people that are on a Windows Platform like using TeXniCenter. It is a very useful Latex GUI program.
    – Andrew Pound