Graduate Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying, you must first complete (or nearly complete) an undergraduate degree, take the GRE, and (for international students) take the TOEFL. To apply, go to the Graduate School's website . Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements listed on that page.

The ranking of students is based on the GRE, GPA, and other application information. The Graduate School requires a GPA of 3.0 and a computer-based TOEFL score of 213 for international students, which is equivalent to an internet-based score of 80 and a paper-based score of 550. The Graduate School's minimum criteria for the verbal and quantitative areas of the GRE percentile score are 40%; however, the department may require higher percentile scores depending upon qualifications of the applicant pool. Candidates who take the IELTS exam in lieu of TOEFL need to have a minimum of 6 overall score.

Yes. All applicants must have completed a bachelor's degree, taken the GRE, and (for international students) taken the TOEFL. You may begin the application process without your scores, but your application will remain incomplete until the official scores are received. Only those students whose application is complete may be considered for acceptance. The most recent GRE test scores are used whether they are higher or lower than previous scores.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's admission deadlines are:

July 1st for Spring semester which begins in January, and
January 1st for Fall semester which begins at the end of August.
Please note that these deadlines are earlier than those of the School of Graduate Studies. For more information about applying please see the graduate application site

None. The Graduate School no longer accepts paper applications at all. Please go to the application website for instructions on how to complete the online application. Please note that there is a $55 application fee for both international and domestic students.

No. We cannot pre-assess applications. Our acceptances are based on the quality of the pool of applicants and the number of openings available. So you will still need to submit an application to the Graduate School.

All applicants are considered for financial aid. No additional form is necessary. When all of your documents are received and the application packet is complete, your application is then forwarded to the department where the ECE Graduate Committee reviews the applications for acceptance and financial awards. See the financial aid pageĀ for more details.

No. All PhD applicants must have already completed a Masters degree. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

When you apply make sure you submit the following documents:

GRE Scores
TOEFL Scores (International students only)
All transcripts
Letters of recommendatoin
Please send all these documents to the School of Graduate Studies at the following address:

School of Graduate Studies
0900 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-0900

Utah State University's ETS code is 4857. There is no department code because all scores for all graduate applicants for the university are sent to the same department.

Tuition costs depends on residency status and the number of credit hours you are taking. The registrar's office has a Tuition and fees chart for each school year that you can view by going here: payment website and clicking on your applicable year's Tuition & Fee table from the top right of the page.

The following graduate degrees are available from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Click on any of the following links to view the requirements for the degree.

Master of Engineering (ME)

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Computer Engineering

PhD in Electrical Engineering

The following focus areas are currently available:

Space Systems / Optics
Control Systems
Signals / Communications
Computer Systems
Solid State Electronics
EM / Microwaves
For more information or for specific inquiries, please email Click to view e-mail address

To view details on the courses for each focus area, view the Flow of Courses document.

Masters degrees usually take about 2-3 years with a maximum time limit of 6 years. Doctorates of Philosophy usually take about 4-6 years with an 8-year limit. The length of individual degrees depend on the research area selected and the number of classes taken per semester.

For answers to all other questions, Please e-mail ECE Graduate

If you have a question you think should be answered along with other frequently asked questions about the graduate program, go ahead and send it to the Department. Thanks!