Events and Competitions

IEEE does all it can to give engineering students at USU an opportunity to develop professional and technical skills. Each year we hold a variety of events, and competitions.

Our most well-known event is SPAC: A professional conference we typically hold every year featuring a variety of technical workshops and keynote speakers who provide great insight into aspects of working as an engineer not typically covered in the classroom setting.

For a comprehensive list of what we do and have done before, and are planning on offering this year, check out the overview page.

Major Events


USU IEEE’s Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) has long been the premiere student-led conference for engineers at Utah State and is the largest SPAC in the state of Utah.  For more information on this event, see the link: SPAC Conference

Rising Stars

Each January, Region 6 IEEE hosts the Rising Stars Conference for IEEE Students and Young Professionals.  This conference provides unique development and networking opportunities for students as they meet and learn from industry leaders The USU Branch provides funding assistance for several students each year.  For more details on the conference, see the Rising Stars website:  Those interested in funding assistance for the conference should regularly participate in branch activities.

Additional Trainings, Conferences, and Tours

The USU Branch of the IEEE also encourages students to participate in unique trainings, conferences, and tours.  Past events have included IEEE area meetings and leadership trainings, industry tours, and conferences such as Utah RF and Wireless Day.  If you are interested in such an event and would like funding assistance or the involvement of other IEEE members, please contact us at



Each year, global IEEE sponsors IEEEXtreme, a 24-hour, team-based, online coding competition.  This competition allows for coding in most popular languages and is a great opportunity to refine or begin your coding skills. Multiple teams compete from the USU Branch of IEEE.