Joining the BRIDGE Lab

At the Bridge Lab, we believe in thinking about new ideas, questioning the status quo, and constantly critiquing each other's thoughts and ideas. However, we also blend in some fun in the entire process. If you join the Bridge Lab, you will create memories of a lifetime!

The USU BRIDGE Lab is actively seeking highly motivated students with analytical skills for state-of-the-art research in cross-disciplinary fields of computer engineering. Students with excellent C/C++ programming skills and good understanding of computer systems and organization are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in computer engineering research and/or record of successful publication record will be given preference. Students who intend to pursue PhD or MS thesis option are especially encouraged. If you are interested in joing the BRIDGE Lab, please email your resume to Dr. Chakraborty or Dr. Roy for funding opportunities.

Post-Doctoral Opening

Bridge Lab has an opening for a Post-doctoral position. Invited applicants must hold a PhD in Electrical/Computer engineering with VLSI or Computer Architecture focus. The Post-Doctoral Researcher will be conducting research spanning across multiple cross-disciplinary topics including energy efficiency, reliability and fault tolerance in multicore systems and Network-On-Chips. He/She will be involved in writing and publishing research articles in collaboration with the Bridge Lab group members, developing our in-house CAD tools and organizing teaching modules and seminars closely related to the research topics. If interested, please email Dr. Sanghamitra Roy.