ECE 5470/6470: VLSI Design (Spring 2010)

Description: This course addresses advanced issues in VLSI design, covering the following topics: design methodologies and IP design, CMOS circuit scaling, advanced logic circuit styles, noise sources and signal integrity in digital design, design techniques for dynamic and static power reduction, power supply issues, interconnect analysis, clocking and synchronization, process variation, and performance verification. The course also introduces the standard cell library based ASIC design flow. Students are expected to complete a substantial design project as part of the course, which involves extensive use of CAD tools.

Prerequisites: ECE 5530 or equivalent and ECE 5460/6460.

Instructor: Sanghamitra Roy, Office: EL 255C, email: sroy AT engineering DOT usu DOT edu

Office hours: TR 3.00-4.00pm (or by appointment).

Syllabus: VLSI Syllabus

Schedule: ECE 5470/6470 Schedule

Textbook: Design of High-Performance Microprocessor Circuits, by A. Chandrakasan, W. Bowhill and F. Fox, , IEEE Press, 2000.

Lectures: TR 1.30pm-2.45pm, Engineering 201.

Teaching Assistant: Magathi Jayaram

TA office hours: W 3-5pm, Design Automation Lab.

Course materials are available through blackboard

I would like to thank Prof. Ken Stevens at the University of Utah for sharing his course materials.