ECE 5460/6460: VLSI Design Automation (Fall 2010)

Description: This course will introduce students to basic algorithms and methodologies used for automating the design of modern VLSI circuits. Emphasis will be given on physical design problems including partitioning, floorplanning, placement and routing of VLSI circuits. Students will learn to identify and formulate CAD design problems using algorithmic paradigms like simulated annealing, dynamic programming, mathematical programming, and get experience in the development of VLSI-CAD tools. This course will also focus on some of today's nanometer digital integrated circuit design challenges and how current design automation tools can adapt to address nano-scale VLSI issues.

Prerequisites: ECE 3530 or basic familiarity with digital logic design. Knowledge of C/C++ programming languages, algorithms and data structures (CS1400). Graduate students have no prerequisites.

Instructor: Sanghamitra Roy, Office: EL 255C, email: sroy AT engineering DOT usu DOT edu

Office hours: TBD

Syllabus: Syllabus PDF

Textbook: VLSI Physical Design Automation: Theory and Practice, by S. Sait and H. Youssef.

Lectures: TR 1.30pm-2.45pm, Engineering Laboratory 109

Teaching Assistant: TBD

Course materials are available through blackboard

I would like to thank Prof. Azadeh Davoodi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Prof. Yu Hen Hu at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for sharing their course materials.