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Randy Christensen

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

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Go toOffice Location: EL 152
DialPhone: 435-797-7912

Educational Background

PhD, Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering, (Linear Covariance, Guidance, Navigation, and Control), Utah State University, 2013
Linear Covariance Analysis for Gimbaled Pointing Systems
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University, 2005
MS, Mechanical Engineering, (Dynamics, controls, robotics, state estimation), Utah State University, 2005
Design and Implementation of a Turntable-Based TEXEL Camera for Rapid 3D Model Generation


Prior to joining USU, Randy work for nine years at the Space Dynamics Laboratory specializing in aided inertial navigation, high precision pointing control, and estimation algorithms. This was followed by two years at Raytheon missile systems, developing and optimizing advanced target tracking algorithms for missile guidance and control.

Teaching Interests

non-linear controls, estimation, Kalman filtering, unmanned aerial vehicles, spacecraft attitude controls

Research Interests

linear Covariance analysis, GPS-denied navigation, and precision control of autonomous vehicles swarms.

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            Academic Journal

          • Christensen, R., Geller, D., (2014). Advantages of Small Satellite Carrier Concepts for LEO/GEO Inspection and Debris Removal Missions. International Journal of Space Science and Engineering – Special Issue on Spacecraft Formation Flying, 2:2
          • Christensen, R., Geller, D., (2014). Linear Covariance Techniques for Closed-Loop Guidance, Navigation, and Control System Design and Analysis. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, doi: 10.1177/0954410012467717

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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  ECE/MAE 7330 - Nonlinear and Adaptive Controls, Spring 2019

                  ECE/MAE 5330 - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Spring 2019

                  MAE 7560 - Optimal Estimation for Aerospace Systems, Fall 2018

                  ECE, MAE 7330 - Nonlinear and Adaptive Control, Spring 2018

                  Graduate Students Mentored

                  Clint Jay Ferrin, Electrical & Computer Engineering, June 2018
                  Trent Palmer Smith, Electrical & Computer Engineering, June 2018
                  Jeffrey Scott Clawson, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, May 2018