Utah Transportation Center

Serving the Transportation Needs of Utah

The Utah Transportation Center (UTC) is part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in the College of Engineering, at Utah State University. The UTC was recently awarded two University Transportation Center Grants from the USDOT under 2012 funding.A $3.5M regional center was awarded to the UTC, in a partnership with the Mountain Plains Consortium (MPC) and a $3.5 Tier 1 Transportation Center.


Internationally recognized centers of excellence, fully integrated within institutions of higher learning, that serve as a vital source of leaders who are prepared to meet the nations need for safe, efficient and environmentally sound movement of people goods.


To advance U.S. technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research technology transfer at university based centers of excellence.


  • Education: a multi-disciplinary program of course work and experiential learning that reinforces the transportation theme of the center.
  • Human Resources: an increased number of students, faculty and staff who are attracted to and substantively involved in the undergraduate, graduate professional programs of the center.
  • Diversity: students, faculty and staff who reflect the growing diversity of the U.S. workforce and are substantively involved in the undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of the center.
  • Research Selection: an objective process for selecting and reviewing research that balances multiple objectives of the program.
  • Research Performance: an ongoing program of basic and applied research, the products of which are judged by peers or other experts in the field to advance the body of knowledge in transportation.
  • Technology Transfer: availability of research results to potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized or otherwise applied.

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