Concurrent BS/MS

For information on CEE Graduate programs please contact:

Marlo Bailey - CEE Advisor


The goal of the concurrent enrollment program for Bachelor of Science/Master of Science (BS/MS) degrees is to provide the opportunity for high-performing senior-year undergraduate students to obtain a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Engineering (ME) degree through sharing credits with their Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Six credits of technical elective classes taken during the senior year of the BS degree program can be counted toward the Master’s degree requirements.

The BS degree in Civil Engineering requires 128 semester credit hours and the MS/ME degree is 30 credits. The concurrent program requires 24 additional credits beyond the requirements for the BS degree.

The BS degree in Environmental Engineering requires 130 semester credits and the MS/ME degree is 32 credits. The concurrent program requires 26 additional credits beyond the requirements for the BS degree.

In either case, a student enrolled in the concurrent degree program will need to complete six fewer semester credit hours than a student who finishes their BS degree and then enrolls in the MS/ME degree program after graduation.

Enrollment Policy:

  • A student who wishes to enroll in the program should begin by meeting with their undergraduate advisor to check their eligibility for the concurrent program.
  • The student's GPA (institution, as well as over the last 60 semester hours) at the time of the application, should be at least 3.2.
  • The student should take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) during their senior year and demonstrate a GRE minimum of 40th percentile on the verbal and quantitative tests.
  • The student should fill out an application for admission to the Graduate School the semester before they want to begin their Master’s degree. There is a place in the application to indicate that they are a concurrent BS/Masters student.
  • The student should be formally accepted into the Graduate School.
  • The student should inform the undergraduate advisor which courses they will be using in the concurrent program so the department can file a Split Form and place the courses on the correct transcript.
  • The student should pass the FE Exam (a requirement for the BS degree) prior to starting their Master’s degree.