Structural Engineering

Overview: The structural engineer is involved in the design, analysis, construction, repair, and retrofit of all types of structures. The two most common structural types are buildings and bridges. Other structural types include towers, dams, tanks, tunnels, industrial facilities, and retaining structures. Examples of current research in the structures area focus on the dynamic characteristics of structures, their potential response to earthquakes, new seismic retrofit measures, the use of advanced composite materials for older structures, durability aspects of structural types and materials, and other areas. Materials research focuses on cementitious materials and constitutive modeling. Current structural research also looks at sustainability issues regarding construction and materials in order to lead growth into the future.

Core Courses

If any graduate core courses are not offered in a given year, a graduate elective course may be substituted, subject to approval of the graduate committee.

Note that with approval from the graduate committee, required courses can be waived if the student has successfully completed an equivalent course at Utah State University or elsewhere.