Utah Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Brady Cox

Director’s Message:

We accept the challenge of working to increasing Utah’s resiliency against earthquakes. We hope to collaborate with all interested stakeholders who share this goal. We aim to conduct cutting edge earthquake engineering research and implement our findings into practice. We plan to train the next generation of earthquake engineers who will work to implement sound seismic design principles when building and retrofitting our civil infrastructure. If we can be of service to you or your community, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Education & Training

  • Train a new generation of earthquake engineers and develop Utah's first graduate-level earthquake engineering emphasis area.
  • Provide in-person and online training for working engineers in areas of seismic design provisions and post-earthquake building inspections.
  • Facilitate technology transfer and training on seismic design and retrofitting to benefit Utah's transportation, water, energy, and telecom sectors.

Engineering Solutions

  • Develop Utah-specific solutions to Utah-specific problems that reduce time and costs associated with hardening our buildings and infrastructure.
  • Provide seismic risk evaluations to prioritize which vulnerabilities to fix first and how to design new buildings and infrastructure better the first time.
  • Focus efforts aimed at fixing Utah's overwhelming number of deadly unreinforced masonry buildings, homes, and schools.

Resilient Recovery

  • Serve the people of Utah as the state's trusted leader in engineering for resiliency and rapid recovery time following an earthquake.
  • Encourage investment in our future: national studies show that every $1 spent on disaster mitigation saves $6 in future recovery costs.
  • Help Utah navigate FEMA's new seismic design standards that will focus on minimizing functional recovery time following an earthquake.