Mohsen Zaker Esteghamati


Assistant Professor

Mohsen Zaker Esteghamati

Contact Information

Office Location: EL 264
Phone: 435-797-1522
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Educational Background

PhD, Civil Engineering (Structural), Virginia Tech, 2021
MS, Statistics, University of Akron, 2018
MS, Structural Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 2015
BS, Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, 2012


Dr. Esteghamati is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University. Dr. Esteghamati’s research group, “Stochastic Structures (StoStruct) Lab” , aims to address disaster resiliency problems in a holistic manner using a combination of data-driven modeling and engineering approaches. The ultimate objective of StoStruct lab is to improve the resiliency and sustainability of future communities through robust risk-informed models, from design to construction and operation of the built environment.

Teaching Interests

Structural Steel Design, Structural Analysis

Research Interests

Performance-based engineering; Disaster resiliency; Sustainable infrastructure; Risk-based design and assessment of structures; Reliability analysis and probabilistic methods; Machine learning and data-driven modeling

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Academic Journal

  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Gernay, T., Banerji, S., (2023). Evaluating fire resistance of timber columns using explainable machine learning models. Engineering Structures
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Flint, M.M, (2023). Do all roads lead to Rome? A comparison of knowledge-based, data-driven, and physics-based surrogate models for performance-based early design. Engineering Structures , 286, 116098.
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., (2022). A Holistic Review of GM/IM Selection Methods from a Structural Performance-Based Perspective. Sustaianability, 14:20
  • Omoya, M., Ero, I., Zaker Esteghamati, M., Burton , H.V, Brandenburg, S., Sun , H., Yi, Z., Kang, H., Nweke, C.C, (2022). A relational database to support post-earthquake building damage and recovery assessment. Earthquake Spectra, 38:2
  • Soleimani-Babakamali, H., Zaker Esteghamati, M., (2022). Estimating seismic demand of a building inventory from nonlinear static analysis using deep learning methods. Engineering Structures, 266
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Alimohammadi, S., (2022). Reliability-based assessment of progressive collapse in horizontally irregular multi-story concrete buildings. Structures, 44, 1597-1606.
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Kottke, A., Rodriguez-Marek, A., (2022). A data-driven approach to identify efficient vector proxies for site response term in ground motion models. Bulletin of Seismological Society of America, 112:6
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Sharfinia, H., Ton, D., Asiatico, P., Reichard, G., Flint, M.M, (2022). Sustainable early design exploration of mid-rise office buildings with different subsystems using comparative life cycle assessment. Journal of Building Engineering, 48:104004
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Flint , M.M, (2021). Developing data-driven surrogate models for holistic performance-based assessment of mid-rise RC frame buildings at early design. Engineering Structures , 245
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Lee, J., Musetich, M., Flint , M.M, (2020). INSSEPT: An open-source relational database of seismic performance estimation to aid with early design of buildings. Earthquake Spectra, 36:4, 2177-2197.
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Farzampour , A., (2020). Probabilistic seismic performance and loss evaluation of a multi-story steel building equipped with butterfly-shaped fuses. Journal of Construction Steel Research, 127
  • Tarfan, S., Banazadeh, M., Zaker Esteghamati, M., (2019). Seismic performance assessment of non-ductile RC buildings retrofitted using pre-stressed aramid fiber reinforced polymer belts. Composite Structures, 208, 865-878.
  • Zaker Esteghamati, M., Banazadeh, M., Huang , Q., (2018). The effect of design drift limit on the seismic performance of RC dual high-rise buildings. The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 27:8

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CEE 5070 - Structural Steel Design, Fall 2023
CEE 3020 - Structural Analysis, Spring 2023
CEE 5070 - Structural Steel Design, Fall 2022

Graduate Students Mentored

Logan Ward, August 2024
Shivalinga Baddipalli, January 2024
Olivia Murphy, August 2024 2025
Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, Civil & Environmental Engr, January 2023 - December 2023