Utah State University’s Systems, Materials, and Structural Health (SMASH) Laboratory, located at 1560 Canyon Rd, Logan, UT, is the main structural testing facility on Utah State University’s campus. Built in 2009, the SMASH lab is a 5,000 ft2 testing facility equipped with a 60 ft. by 24 ft. strong floor, an L-shaped permanent strong wall (capable of bi-axial loading), a load frame designed to withstand 1200 kips of shear as well several smaller load frames, and two 20 ton overhead cranes.

Major equipment in the SMASH lab includes a 40 channel data acquisition, MTS 110 kip servo hydraulic actuator, four 600 kip, 12 inch stroke rams and all required hydraulic pumps. A refurbished Tinius Olsen 300 kip universal testing frame and several displacement sensors for use during destructive testing are also frequently used for projects at the SMASH Lab.

Research performed at the SMASH Lab covers a wide range of topics relating to both structures and materials. Recent research projects at the SMASH Lab have explored topics from lateral buckling of open-web joists to composite action of prestressed concrete sandwich wall panels. The SMASH Lab is IAS Accredited for the Modified Base Test method for open-web joists supporting standing seam roof systems.

Please contact any of the following people to get more information:

Lab Director
Andrew Sorensen
Technical Manager
Abdullah Al Sarfin

Abdullah Al Sarfin


Safety Manager
Ken Jewkes

Ken Jewkes