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Thursday, September 16

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Investigations of Turbulent Multiphase Flows Using Optical Measurement Techniques


Small inertial particles in turbulence appear in a number of environmental flows such as dust, sand, rain, snow or sediment in the atmospheric boundary layer, in rivers, during deep-sea mining or on Mars. Particle dynamics, including accelerations and concentrations, depend (among other things) on gravity and inertia. In this talk I will present results of recent high-Reynolds-number experiments of inertial particles in turbulence which are performed in a turbulence box (Re? = 450) and an atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel (Ret = 19,000). These results are of direct use in prediction and modeling of phenomena such as droplet growth in clouds, fall speed of snowflakes and particle concentrations in dust storms.

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Engineering Building |