About HERC

Pres. Cazier announced the creation at USU of the Huntsman Environmental Research Center (HERC) on May 27, 1989, which will be funded by Huntsman Chemical Co. under Jon M. Huntsman Sr.

HERC Description and Mission

The Huntsman Environmental Research Center (HERC) recognizes the fundamental inter-dependence of the health of man and the health of the environment. HERC's mission is to "engage in research in the key areas of recycling, degradability, improvement of air and water quality and conservation of trees." The purpose of the Center is to solve environmental problems and to provide realistic and comprehensive research solutions for our environment.

HERC Collaborations, Functions, and Contributions

HERC, centered in the Biological Engineering Department, collaborates within USU, with industries, and with local and state environmental agencies in functions related to the four key areas of HERC research and development. Within USU this has included the Utah Water Research Laboratory, Engineering Education Department, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, and the Utah On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training Program. Industry collaborations have included WesTech-Inc. Engineering, Carollo Engineers, produced water companies in the Uintah Basin, Utah-based petroleum companies, Intermountain mining companies, and swine and dairy operations in Utah. Collaborations with local and state environmental agencies have included the City of Logan Environmental Department, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility, and the Central Weber Sewer Improvement District.

In 2010 HERC became a partner of SWBEC, which was established in November of 2010 and focuses on biodegradation and recycling of wastes into value products that have the potential to improve air quality, especially in Utah’s Uintah Basin, and also provide for conservation of trees. The research collaborations, projects, and publications of HERC and SWBEC are closely aligned.

HERC Key Reseach Areas include

recycling bin


Waste field with non-degradable materials



Improvement of Air and Water Quality


Conservation of Trees

Huntsman Environmental Research Center Media Mentions

Deseret News, May 24, 1989