SBI Fermentation Suite

Yellow liquid in a labratory equipment

About our Laboratory

Located on the Innovation Campus of Utah State University, the SBI fermentation suite is a newly renovated laboratory that has been set up specifically for fermentation and cell culture research. The lab has been designed to enable the optimization of bioproducts produced by fermentation technologies and has the capacity to produce these products on a large scale. Another purpose of the lab is to generate substantial quantities of bioproducts for commercialization and scale-up performance data. The laboratory houses two 10 liter fermenters, which have a variety of setup options and data collection resources along with carbon dioxide and oxygen off gas analyzers. For large scale fermentations, a 125 liter New Brunswick 610 fermentation system is available, which is fully automated and sterilizable in place. For cell and product recovery, several sizes of centrifuges are available including a CEPA Z41 continuous centrifuge. The capabilities of this fermentation laboratory enable scale-up optimization of fermentation bioproducts that can be grown and analyzed under a variety of growth conditions for maximum product yield and quality.

Our Location

Located in Lab 227 in Building 620 on the Utah State University Innovation Campus