Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman and transfer students must satisfy the admission policies and entrance requirements of both the University (General Education Requirements) and the College of Engineering. Each new student will be assigned an advisor, who will help plan an educational program fulfilling the student’s professional goals. Placement of incoming students will depend on high school and/or prior college coursework. Those who complete a portion of the University Studies requirements by examination (CLEP) and/or by advanced placement (AP) credit may complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in less than four years.

Freshman Admission

New Biological Engineering Freshman applicants are expected to have:

  1. Graduated from a regionally accredited high school with a minimum 3.0 GPA,
  2. A minimum ACT score of 23, or SAT score of at least 1050
  3. A minimum 110 Admissions Index score.

In order to be admitted in good standing, all three requirements must be met.

College of Engineering Admission Requirements

In addition to the policies of the University concerning admission of students, the following regulations apply to the College of Engineering:

  1. Transfer students from other colleges or universities will be referred to the Engineering Admission Committee for evaluation. Criteria considered in admission decisions for transfer students include resources available in the requested department and the transfer GPA, along with an evaluation of the program of the former college or university. Decisions concerning academic standing once the student is admitted to USU will be based solely on USU grades.
  2. Students registered on campus (including Undeclared) must be approved by the Engineering Admission Committee before transferring to the College of Engineering. Students in this category must have demonstrated, by courses taken at USU, a potential to succeed in the major of their choice.

Apply for admission

Contact the College of Engineering Advising Center for answers to questions about admissions requirements, transfer credits, and requirements for the Biological Engineering BS degree, as well as to schedule an appointment with one of the BE Undergraduate Advisors.

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