Research Laboratory Meetings Information

Early involvement in research laboratories is encouraged. Interested students are invited to attend any or all research laboratory meetings. Feel free to contact the respective faculty members with any questions.

Research Laboratory Faculty Day Time Location
Bioenergy Center, Thermochemical Research Lab Dr. Foster Agblevor n/a n/a Contact Dr. Agblevor for details and times.
CMV Antivirals Dr. David Britt
Dr. Elizabeth Vargis
Tuesday 12:00–1:00pm ENGR 402C
(Biological Engineering conference room)
Nanoparticles in plants Dr. David Britt Wednesday 5:30–6:30pm ENGR 402C
(Biological Engineering conference room)
Brain Micro-Engineering Lab

Dr. Yu Huang Monday & Wednesday n/a Contact Dr. Huang for details and times.
Gene Therapy Vector Lab, and
Infectious Disease and Public Health Lab
Dr. Keith Roper Monday 9:15–10:15am 650 BioInnovations Bldg. —room 201

SWBEC (Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproducts Engineering Center) Dr. Ron Sims
Dr. Charles Miller
Monday 5:30–6:30pm Zoom
Tissue Engineering Lab Dr. Elizabeth Vargis Tuesday 8:30–9:30am ENGR 402C
(Biological Engineering conference room)
Metabolic Engineering Dr. Jixun Zhan Thursday 10:30–11:30am SANT 305
Molecular and Cellular Sensing and Imaging Lab Dr. Anhong Zhou n/a n/a Contact Dr. Zhou for details and time.