Industry Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Biological Engineering Department Industry Advisory Board (IAB) serves to enhance the assessment and quality of the academic and research programs of the Department, and to foster collaboration and interaction between the Department and organizations of IAB members that benefit all of the participants. The IAB plays an important role in interviewing our graduating senior students as part of our annual assessment process, in assisting the Department with regard to identifying potential opportunities for collaboration in research and development projects, and for providing opportunities for our students to become involved in cooperative learning experiences, summer internships, and professional jobs

IAB members attend a one-day annual meeting at USU where the Department presents a review of the previous year, including academic program development and research thrusts. The IAB members prepare a formal letter to the Department Head to document the discussions of the academic program and research thrusts, including the involvement of students, to identify the input from student exit interviews regarding feedback on student learning, to provide input to the Department assessment process as part of ABET accreditation, and to identify potential areas of opportunities for the Department faculty and students regarding projects and/or employment.