Biological Engineering Department Awards 2024 Recap

March 15, 2024

The Biological Engineering Department at Utah State University recently hosted its highly anticipated Awards Ceremony on Friday, Feb. 23rd, at 12:30 pm. This annual event celebrated the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals within the department, highlighting excellence across various categories.

The ceremony kicked off with a special presentation by the distinguished alumni, Jia Zeng, who shared insights and experiences garnered throughout their impressive career. Their 30-minute presentation captivated the audience, offering valuable perspectives and inspiration to current students and faculty members alike.

Here are the remarkable awardees recognized during this prestigious event:

Outstanding Alumni:

Jia Zeng

Jia Zeng — Recognized for their exceptional accomplishments post-graduation, serving as a role model for aspiring biological engineers.

Outstanding Senior:

Morgan Christensen

Morgan Christensen — Acknowledged for their exemplary performance and dedication as a senior student in the department.

Outstanding Junior:

Kade Robison

Kade Robison — Commended for their outstanding achievements and contributions as a junior student, demonstrating promise and commitment to the field.

Outstanding Pre-professional:

Sampson Cluff

Sampson Cluff — Recognized for their dedication and potential as a pre-professional in biological engineering, showing promise for future success.

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher:

Cassandra DuBose Corry

Cassandra DuBose Corry — Applauded for their exceptional research contributions and commitment to advancing knowledge in the field.

Outstanding Master’s Student Researcher:

Jacob Watkins — Acknowledged for their outstanding research work at the master's level, showcasing excellence in academic and research endeavors.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher:

Chase Paterson

Chase Paterson — Commended for their significant contributions to research and scholarship at the doctoral level, demonstrating expertise and innovation.

Graduate Student Teacher of the Year:

Ammar Mussaji

Ammar Mussaji — Recognized for their exceptional teaching skills and dedication to mentoring graduate students in the department.

Teacher of the Year:

Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller — Acknowledged for their outstanding teaching and educational contributions, inspiring students and fostering academic excellence.

Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year:

Ron Sims

Ron Sims — Commended for their exceptional mentorship and support provided to undergraduate students, guiding them towards success.

Outstanding Faculty Service:

David Britt

David Britt — Recognized for their significant contributions and service to the department, enhancing the overall academic experience for students and faculty.

Faculty Researcher of the Year:

Anhong Zhou

Anhong Zhou — Acknowledged for their outstanding research contributions and achievements, furthering the field of biological engineering through innovative research.

Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year:

Elizabeth Vargis

Elizabeth Vargis — Commended for their exceptional mentorship and guidance provided to graduate students, supporting their academic and professional development.

Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year:

Keith Roper — Recognized for their outstanding mentorship and support provided to undergraduate researchers, fostering a culture of research excellence.

The Awards Ceremony not only celebrated individual accomplishments but also highlighted the collaborative and supportive environment fostered within the Biological Engineering Department. Congratulations to all the awardees for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of biological engineering!


Writer: Henry O’Silva