Biomethanation and Alkaline Wet Air Oxidation (AWAO) of Water Hyacinth (Pontederiacras Sipes) from Ozama River, Dominican Republic


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Yessica Castro

Yessica Castro

Yessica Castro

Doctoral Dissertation Defense
Department of Biological Engineering

Friday, November 13
10:30 am

Advisor - Dr. Foster Agblevor

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The feasibility of the anaerobic digestion of water hyacinth as a post-weed management practice in the Ozama River (Dominican Republic) was demonstrated. the estimated energy required for harvesting water hyacinth was 10 time slower than that produced during the digestion. The biomethanation of water hyacinth was improved by Alkali ne Wet Air Oxidation (AWAO), a thermochemical pretreatment process that almost doubled the methane production rate and increased the yield by 24% when conducted at high temperatures. At lower temperatures, the methane yield of the AWAO water hyacinth was more than 40% higher than the unpretreated biomass. After subjecting water hyacinth to high temperature and low alkali AWAO, the addition of poultry litter biochar, a residue from thermochemical processing, improved the biomethanati on kinetics of the system.