Student Wins Gold


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Matt Clegg wins "Best Podium Presentation" at the BMES Regional Meeting in January 2017. Congrats! (Clegg, 2017)

Biological Engineering Student Matt Clegg was awarded first place for his oral presentation at the Inaugural Biomedical Engineering Society's (BMES) Western Regional Conference. The conference was held at Brigham Young University over two days which began on Thursday, January 19th, 2017.

The Biomedical Engineering Society was formally established in 1968 with the goal of becoming the preeminent professional society for biomedical engineers. The society was a response to the ever-growing societal demands for advancements in the medical profession. Developments in our understanding of the life sciences require researchers to publicize their research; contributing to the amount of information that is available to solve contemporary dilemmas in medicine. The BMES accomplish their ambitions of propagating research and advancing biological engineering by providing members opportunities for professional development. Examples include presentation conferences, career workshops, and networking opportunities. The annual Inaugural BMES Western Regional Conference is one such event.

For more information on BMES check out the USU chapter.