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BE Sweep Awards at 2015 IBE Conference


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LOGAN, Utah – March 10, 2015 – Students from Utah State University’s Biological Engineering department brought home three of eight awards at the Institute of Biological Engineering Annual Conference in St. Louis, Mo, March 5-7. There were a total of about 60 posters, with 37 in the graduate student division and 23 in the undergraduate student division.

Grand Prize in the Graduate Student Division: Jonathan Wood, Tyler Gladwin, Jon Takemoto, and Ron Sims, “Biomass and Phycocyanin Yield Differences Observed from Algal Biofilm Growth Substrata.” Jonathan Wood (MS student) gave the presentation.

Third Place in the Graduate Student Division: Spencer Williams and Anhong Zhou, “Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Metal Ions in Water Using a Six-electrode Microfluidic Device.” Spencer Williams is working on this MS degree.

Second Place in the Undergraduate Student Division: Sarah Gertsch, Ryan Putman, Dallon Christensen, Cody Maxfield, Asif Rahman, and Charles Miller, “Stain Buster” (iGEM-based poster). Sarah Gertsch gave the presentation.

Other BE/USU students also gave outstanding platform presentations (no awards given for those) at the IBE Conference:
Tyler Marlar (junior with Ron Sims) on Lipoprotein Extraction Procedure (LPEP)
Zak Fica (junior with Ron Sims) on Dairy Waste as a Source of Biomass and Protein
Yousef Soboh (PhD under Ron Sims) on Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Rector for Industry Waste Treatment with Algae
Sean Bedingfield (working with Ron Sims) gave two presentations, one on Algae Uptake of Pharmaceuticals and one on a website he constructed to explain
Biological Engineering to the world.
Anhong Zhou had two additional graduate students give oral presentations
Jixun Zhan had a graduate student give an oral presentation

Ryan Putman, who was elected as the national undergraduate representative to the IBE Council for 2015, organized the opening session for all students on the first day of the conference.

In all, 12 students participated in the event.