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Image of the Week - 11/11/22

Stencil with RPEs

We model cell detachment in eye disease by growing retinal epithelial cells on stencils & peeling them away in this National Eye Institute-supported project. Here are cells just after stencil removal. Scale bar is 100 microns. (Paterson, 2022)


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Fall 2022 Lab Meetings

Tuesdays, 12pm in ENGR 402C

Mondays, 4pm in ENGR 402C (eyes research only)

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Updated 11/10/2022

Recent News

  • Congrats to Emilee and Dillon who won an award for their poster at this year's Hansen Life Sciences retreat!

  • Emilee and Dillon are new graduate students! Emilee will be restarting our muscle project and Dillon will continue working on our NIH-funded eye research.

  • Congrats to Emilee who received a graduate student fellowship from the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium!