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Image of the Week - 12/2/22

blood vessels growing in retina

Results from our computational model of blood vessel invasion in late stage macular degeneration. Vessels migrate toward the growth factor (VEGF) at 100,100 if fibronectin levels are low. Top graph axes = position. (DuBose, 2022)

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Thursday, 12/8/22: Dillon Weatherston will be presenting at the Fall Student Research Symposium on his BENG 5890/6890 Tissue Engineering Project. 

Fall 2022 Lab Meetings

Tuesdays, 12pm in ENGR 402C

Mondays, 4pm in ENGR 402C (eyes research only)

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Updated 12/3/2022

Recent News

  • Congrats to Emilee and Dillon who won an award for their poster at the 2022 Hansen Life Sciences retreat!

  • Emilee and Dillon are new graduate students in Fall 2022! Emilee will be restarting our muscle project and Dillon will continue working on our NIH-funded eye research.

  • Congrats to Emilee who received a graduate student fellowship from the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium!