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Welcome to the Vargis Lab!

Image of the Week - 7/8/19

derekSummer means our lab is full of undergrads!
(E. Hanson, 2019)

Find Us!

- Dr. V will be at SWE19 in Anaheim, CA November 7-9, 2019

Fall 2019 Lab Meetings

Fridays, 1:30pm, ENGR 402C (starting August 30th)

Special topics meetings:

- Spectroscopy applications
- Spider silk - RPE
- Muscle engineering
***email Dr. Vargis for more information (

Check the Calendar for more details.

Updated 8/26/19

Recent News

- Our paper using spider silk to support retinal pigmented epithelial cell growth was accepted! Congrats to Chase, Farhad, Lori, and all the others who worked on this over the years.

- Lori defended her MS, congrats!

- Matt completed his master's proposal.

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