Welcome to the Vargis Lab!

Image of the Week - 3/1/2021

Live imaging cells growing on our stencils. We use these stencils to control retinal cell growth and mimic cell loss (Cannon, 2021). 

Find Us (virtually)!

- Chase and Kelsey will be presenting at ARVO from May 3-6

Summer 2021 Lab Meetings

TBD - will start the week of 5/10/2021
(email Dr. V - vargis at usu.edu - for the link!)

Check the Calendar for more details.

Updated 5/5/21

Recent News

- Should this section be renamed "Recent Emilee News?" Anyway, Emilee ALSO received an EURP to support her retinal research...sheesh!

- Emilee was also awarded an URCO to support her retina work during the 2021 Summer!

- Emilee won a scholarship from the Utah Engineers Council - congrats! 

- Emilee Rickabaugh has been named Outstanding Junior for the Biological Engineering department! Great work!