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October 2023

Chase presenting in Trex costume

We're changing things up, so hopefully we keep this better updated. Here's our October image - TRex Chase presenting on how we see at our Halloween group meeting (Vargis, 2023).

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Dillon, Cassandra, and Sophia will be presenting at ARVO in Seattle, WA May 8-9, 2024.


Spring 2024 Lab Meetings

Fridays, 1:30pm, ENGR 402C

Check the Calendar for more details.

Updated 2/5/24

Recent News

  • Cassandra was selected as one of 5 engineering students (and the only biological engineering student) to present at Research on Capitol Hill!
  • Cassandra has been selected as the College of Engineering's Undergraduate Reserach Student of the Year, congrats!

  • Chase's first paper on micropattenering for controlling retinal cell growth was published in Molecular Vision.

  • Dr. Vargis received a USU Research Catalyst award to support Emilee's MS research on developing a model of heart muscle fibers
  • Count it - Cassandra received a 2nd URCO!