Best Undergraduate Poster Award (2 winners)

1. Amanda Moravek "Characterization of Algal Biofilms on Preliminary Lab-Scale RABRs"

2. Nathan Harward "Bioprinting of Hagfish Keratin Protiens"

Best Graduate Poster Award

1. Jaden Storrer "Producing Valuable Bioproducts Through Methane Mitigation"

Best Team Poster Award (2 winners)

1. Dillon Weatherston and Emilee Rickabaugh "Hagfish Slime protein membranes as in vitro models of Bruch's membrane in the subretinal tissue"

2. BoDee Hancock, Ceaira Howard, Laurent Saysansvong, and Adam Martin "Mechanical Methods for Bioreactor Foam Breaking"


No. Project Name Team Members
1 Characterization of Algal Biofilms on Preliminary Lab-Scale RABRs Amanda Moravek
2 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using a Rotating Algae Biofilm Reactor Parker Goldsberry
3 Bioprinting of Hagfish Keratin Proteins Nathan Harward
4 Dye Uptake Analysis and Improved Staining of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ryan Cowley
5 Delivery of CRISPR in T cell Therapeutics Kami Lay,
McKade Roberts,
Brandon Pace
6 Detection of Hydrophilic Coating on Biomedical Devices via Fluorescent Nanoparticles Jamen Cannon, Oliver Jessop,
Emilee Rickabaugh,
Sadie Clark
7 Hagfish slime protein membranes as in vitro models of Bruch's membrane in the subretinal tissue Dillon Weatherson,
Emilee Rickabaugh
8 Strength and Articulation Optimization of Endoscope Backbone Tyson Barnes, Emily Brotherson,
Jessica Pampenfuss,
Ellie Brown,
Dillon Weatherson
9 Testing the Application of a Coating on Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Extension Tubing to Reduce Biofilm Formation Mark Mortenson,
Trent Peterson,
Lexi Phillips
10 Bioreactor Optimization for Hagfish Protein Production Simon Hulme,
Zachary Hyde,
Ben Florschutz,
Caemon Nicholas
11 Factors influencing the transient transfection of mammalian cells for production of a viral vector for use in gene therapy Jake Accordino
12 Industrial-scale purification of nucleic acids Bryan Gustafson


No. Project Name Team Members
1 Rotating Algal Biofilm Reactor Design for Optimization of Bioproducts and Nutrient Uptake Carson Miller,
Colton Hauck,
Kade Fish,
Amy Cox
2 Low Resource Assay for COVID-19 tracking in Wastewater Julissa van Renselaar
3 Producing Valuable Bioproducts Through Methane Mitigation Jaden Storrer
4 Meso-Biliverdin Production from Wastewater-Cultured Bacteria Abby Edward,
Nathan Harward,
Matthew Armbrust,
Clayton Lords
5 Mechanical Methods for Bioreactor Foam Breaking BoDee Hancock,
Ceaira Howard,
Laurent Saysanavong,
Adam Martin
6 Automated Wastewater Sampling for Viral Detection Using LAMP Amplification David Tafur
7 A Better Vanilla Scott Adams
8 Identification of a novel glucuronyltransferase from Streptomyces chromofuscus ATCC 49982 for natural product glucuronidation Jie Ren
9 In pursuit of a highly efficient feruloyl-CoA synthase for enhanced curcumin biosynthesis Caleb Barton
10 Kinetic study and catalytic pyrolysis of D-glucose using red mud Hamza Abdellaoui
11 Modeling the engineered production of curcumin in E. coli Ellie Brown
12 Novel Affinity-based Fibrinogen Purification Strategies Krissy Peterson