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What is a biological engineer?

Biological engineers advance medical treatments, biochemicals, crops and environmental systems using biology, physics, math and chemistry applied to nature’s factories: cells, biomolecules, tissues and organisms.

Career Paths


Dream Company

Thermo Fisher, Quansys Biosciences, Recursion Pharmasuticals, Myraid, EliTechGroup Solutions Kimberly-Clark, General electric, Huntsman Cancer Institute, ARUP, Bard, Autoliv Fireworks West, Glanbia, Merck, Danaher, Amgen, LifeTech Labs Dowl, WesTech, Earthsoft, Autoliv, NASA, Cambell Scientific


Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Scientific Instruments, Human Theraputics Medical devices, Health Systems, Consumer Products, Hospital Instruments BioPharmaceuticals, Foods & ingredients, Bioelctronics/Materials, Bio/Chemical Processes Trait/Strain Development, Enviromental Instruments, Soil/Water Treatment, Sustainable Energy

Degree Emphasis

Biosynthetic Biomedical Bioprocess BioAg/Enviromenal

Degree Electives




building biological functions not found in nature by synthesizing informational, chemical and physical parts and devices.


integrates engineering with biomedical sciences and clinical practice to improve human health.


a series of fluidic operations in which intact cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) are processed to obtain desired products.


strain and cultivar development, water and soil treatment and remediation, ecological interventions.