Key Request Procedure

Key(s) / Prox Card requests

Engaging in hands-on academic research is a unique opportunity for students. As such, having access to lab space is a privilege. Abuse of access to lab space or the lab space itself will result in revocation of one’s access and, depending on the severity of the offense, academic expulsion.

In order to obtain access to lab space, students must first complete the lab training, where the student will learn the safety protocols and procedures for the lab they are requesting access to (Please work with your professor to complete your lab safety training). After completing the lab training, the student will submit a Key Request Form.

The department will then process the Key Request Form. This procedure consists of contacting the student’s professor and having them sign off on the student's request. In signing off on a student the professor is stating that 1) the student has been approved to have access to the requested lab space and 2) the student has completed the necessary lab safety training for the requested lab space.

Upon the professor’s approval, the request goes to the Key Office for finalization. After the request is completed, the student will receive an email from the Key Office instructing them to go pick up their key(s) / Prox Card from the Key Office.

Approvals may take up to three weeks to be processed; as such, please submit requests in a timely manner.

Failure to Pick Up Requested Key(s) / Prox Card

Upon the initiation of a Key Request, an academic hold is placed on the student’s account. Should the student fail to retrieve their key(s) / Prox Card they will be responsible for paying a $20.00 restock fee to the Department of Biological Engineering before the academic hold will be removed.

Students are responsible for informing department staff that they have received their key(s) / Prox Card by emailing a photo of the key(s) / Prox Card’s hook number(s) (the number on the key(s)) to to have the academic hold removed from their account.

Failure to Return Key(s) / Prox Card Upon Leaving the Department

When a student is moving on from their academic career with the Department, they are responsible for returning their key(s) / Prox Card to either the Key Office or the Department. Ideally, students will get their key(s)/ Prox Card returned within two weeks of their departure. Should they fail to return their key(s) / Prox Card, a hold will be placed on the student’s transcripts until they have arranged a way of returning their key(s) / Prox Card with the department.

Annual Key Inventory

Annually, all personnel within the department that have a key(s) / Prox Card will be asked to confirm that 1) they still have the key(s) that were originally assigned to them and 2) that they still have a need for those key(s) / Prox Card. To confirm a key or Prox Card’s Hook number, please send a photo of all key(s)/ Prox Card’s hook numbers to .

What to do in the Event of a Lost Key(s) / Prox Card

In the event that a student should lose their key(s) / Prox Card, they forfeit the deposit(s) that were paid to the Key Office. Depending on what type of key is lost, the student will be responsible for covering any additional fines that may apply.

Key Request Form

Please read the Key Request Procedure prior to completing this form. -Thank you.