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February 2024

yellow rubber ducky with cowboy hat

Open a drawer in our lab and you might find a cowboy duck! (Paterson, 2024)

Find Us!

Dillon, Cassandra, and Sophia will be presenting at ARVO in Seattle, WA May 8-9, 2024.


Spring 2024 Lab Meetings

Fridays, 1:30pm, ENGR 402C

Updated 3/13/24

Recent News

  • Sophia received a Travel Grant from ARVO to present at their annual conference in Seattle in May!

  • Chase, Dillon, and Teren published our protocol for isolating primary retinal cells from freshly harvested pig eyes.

  • Sophia and Cassandra presented at the Utah Conference for Undergraduate Research at Utah Valley University on February 16th.

  • Cassandra was selected as one of 5 engineering students (and the only biological engineering student) to present at Research on Capitol Hill!

  • Cassandra has been selected as the College of Engineering's Undergraduate Research Student of the Year, congrats!