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Preparatory Engineering

The Preparatory Engineering program is designed for freshman and transfer students wanting to graduate with a degree in the College of Engineering that have not met the admission requirements for their desired major. Although PREP Engineering students are not initially admitted into the major they desire, they have the opportunity to qualify by completing specific courses and maintaining the academic standards listed here by major program.

Once a Preparatory Engineering student meets the standards for their desired major they will work with that major’s Academic advisor to be reconsidered for admission.

Preparatory Engineering students should work closely with their advisor to create realistic plans towards program admission, receive guidance, and stay informed about resources and opportunities available to them.

Preparatory Engineering Quicklinks:

Departmental Admission Requirements for Incoming Students

Q: Why are students admitted into this program?

A: The Preparatory Engineering designation is assigned to students who do not meet minimum admission requirements and are preparing to apply for admission into one of the College of Engineering majors.

Q: How long do students participate in the program?

A: Students in the Preparatory Engineering program will stay in the program until they complete the bridge courses within the parameters set by department and major. Once a student meets the requirements they will work with the assigned advisor to be admitted into the major program they desire. Please also refer to the last Q/A.

Q: Which Advisor should I work with?

A: Preparatory Engineering students should meet with the advisor over the program they wish to be admitted to. Advisor assignments by major and alphabet are available here.

Q: Can Students receive a Preparatory Engineering degree?

A: No, Preparatory Engineering is not a Bachelor’s degree. The purpose of Preparatory Engineering is to help students to get ready to admit into an Engineering degree program.

Q: What required courses do Preparatory Engineering students need to take?

Q: What happens if a Preparatory Engineering student does not meet the Academic Standards to be admitted into the major they want?

A: The student is not eligible to be admitted or continue in the specific major they desired. The student may attempt to qualify for another major in the College of Engineering by completing the required courses and maintain the Academic Standards for that program. If the student is unable to qualify for all of the other Engineering programs, they are invited to declare an alternate major at Utah State University.