Welcome to the College of Engineering!

Fall 2021 Incoming Students

Who We Are

Get to know the Engineering Building

New Student Orientation

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Third Floor:

  • Tutor Center: Receive free, one-on-one tutoring for engineering courses:
  • Advising Center: Your success as an engineering student starts with a plan. Make an appointment with your academic advisor today!
  • Open Access Computer Lab
  • Engineering Council Fundraiser: .25 cent day old donuts next to the advising office most days, except Mondays.
  • Engineering Ambassadors
  • Study area

Fourth Floor:

  • Dean’s Office
  • Faculty offices



  • Use your Student A# in all email correspondence
  • Start checking you email daily. It is the main form of communication for USU.
  • Be prepared for your advising appointments with questions, a goal in mind, or a concern.
  • Remember, math and science are the tools of an engineer!
  • Do your homework every day; you cannot cram math, science, CS, and engineering
  • Get help when you need it! (Tutor center, professors, TA’s, Advisors, Friends)


  • First Semester Guides
  • Sample 4-Year Plans for Engineering Majors
  • Meet with your advisor for assistance in planning your schedule.
  • Transfer Tables provide information on the transfer of coursework to USU’s College of Engineering
  • Math - You should be in a math class. What class do you take? Contact your Advisor for help selecting the highest-level math course you are ready for. If your ACT or SAT math score is expired, you will need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam. Every incoming student has access to the ALEKS math system.

Get Involved

Did You Know…

  • USU Engineering research projects have included: Spider Silk, Self-Driving Electric Bus, and a Supersonic Flight over Land?
  • The national average passing rate of the Mechanical FE Exam is 80%, but it’s 96% at USU!
  • The ENGR 3rd Floor has a TV with movies playing every day, walls you can write on, and 25 cent donuts.
  • The College of Engineering awards approximately $500,000 in scholarships each year!
  • The “A” on old main hill turns BLUE when the Aggies win a game.
  • USU has housemade ice cream! Check out Aggie Ice Cream for delicious and fun flavors such as Aggie Blue Mint, True Aggie Night, Bull Tracks, and Aggie ROTC
  • Bill Nye, Neil Armstrong, and Mr. Bean all have Engineering Degrees.