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Recent Senior Design Projects and other Design Highlights:

knee bender

Knee Bender: (MAE) A student team developed this innovative device to help people make a more successful recovery after knee surgery. The device mechanically moves a user's leg through a range of normal articulation and is safe to operate.

Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand: (ECE) Four team members built an animatronic hand that can imitate a user’s right hand in three ways: closed, open and a two finger point. The device uses Microsoft’s Kinect v2 to mimic hand motion. The team also programmed the robotic hand to “feel” and hold objects with force-sensing resistors on its fingertips.


Tandemonium: (MAE) This unique recreational cycle was developed for a local organization that propmotes outdoor adventures for persons with disabilities. Tandemonium allows the passenger-side user to use either their hands or feet to pedal.