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Engineering Lab Survey and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does printing cost?

Black & White:

$0.07 single sided

$0.10 double sided


$0.20 single sided

$0.34 single sided

Specialty Paper

(Resume, Cardstock, 11x17): $0.35

How do I add money to my ID card?

Go to Click “Manage my USU Card”, and then click “Deposit Money on My Card” and follow the instructions. There is also a machine in the library and TSC to add cash to the card.

How do I print?

From any computer in the lab click print, and then chose from either “Engineering Black” for black and white prints, or “Engineering Color” for color prints. Your A# will automatically be entered and then click print. You will then come up to the printing station at the front of the lab where you can slide your card or manually type in your A# and retrieve your print.

How do I print double sided?

When printing, under settings choose “Print on Both Sides” or “Double-Sided”.

How can I reserve a room in the Engineering Computer Lab?

On the Engineering Computer Lab website, go to the ‘Reserve a Room’ tab and you can fill out a form for which room, how many students, the date and supplies you will need.

Is there a way to retrieve unsaved files after logging of f?

No, unfortunately there is not. In order to keep the systems clean and for your safety, they fully reboot with each logout. Remember to save to an external device.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes, we have a small lost and found. Valuables are usually taken to the Engineering Advising Office. If you think you have lost something, come check in the lab and then the advising office.

Do you have scanners, headphones, or other accessories that I can use?

Yes, we have all of the following: Scanners, headphones, glue sticks, stapler, pens and pencils, phone chargers, scissors, ruler, erasers, paper clip, hole punch. To use these items, you will need to trade in your USU ID card while you use them.

Can I buy Matlab for my personal computer?

Yes, Matlab is available for purchase for $40 for all undergraduate students. Come talk to the consultants in the lab and they will help you purchase it.

What do I need to do to print a poster?

A consultant in the computer lab will print these for you. Bring in the poster as a PowerPoint or PDF on a flash drive or external hard drive in the size that you want and we will print it for you. You can also submit your poster file online and learn more about printing by visiting the ‘Poster Printing’ tab on the Engineering Computer lab Website.


How important are the follwoing aspects of the lab to you?

Consultant's name

The Compter Lab's Customer Service Vision is:

"To be a  computer lab where students and faculty are always the priority. We will always provide excellent customer service to our customers by taking the initiative and doing more than is expected."

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