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Poster Printing
435-797-3098 | Engineering Building 305

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How to Print

  1. Bring original file on a USB as a PDF or PowerPoint file to consultant.
  2. Choose paper type, see choices below.
  3. Pay with Student ID, or Credit or Debit Card.


  • Decide what size you want your poster before you create it to avoid distortion.
  • Bring poster the day before you need it.
  • Plan on seeing the Print Preview to assure correct printing or to see last minute changes you would like to make.
  • Want to estimate your poster's price? Click here.

Paper Types

Premium Glossy Paper

  • Thick with a glossy finish.
  • Best for presentation posters or images. 

Professional Satin Paper

  • Very thick with satin finish.
  • Best for long lasting professional posters.

Heavyweight Coated Paper

  • Thicker paper with matte finish.
  • Great for presentations.

Plain Paper

  • Matte finish paper.
  • Great for class projects.

Fabric Paper

  • Thick fabric like material with matte finish.
  • Perfect for travelling as it can be folded with little to no wrinkling.