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Black & White:
$0.07 single sided
$0.10 double side

$0.25 single sided
$0.40 double sided

Go to, click “Manage my USU Card”, then click “Deposit Money on my Card” and follow the instructions.

A Lab Consultant must print these for you. Please take an external drive containing the file to a Lab Consultant.

It is best to bring an external drive to a Lab Consultant, because a poster must be paid for before printing. Also, we prefer to have you present when setting up your print to avoid any          miscommunication and better serve your needs.
Prices depend upon on the type of paper you choose and the size of the poster. You can find the prices for all paper types and print sizes on the main page.
This is dependent upon how many posters are to be printed before yours. We encourage you to give us adequate time to get your poster done, usually an hour, and recommend bringing     in the file the day before it is needed for your use.

We would prefer pdf, pptx, respectively.

  1. Student identification card (Money can be deposited to card here
  2. P-Card
  3. Credit card with a 3% charge
From any computer, when clicking print, use the “Engineering Black” for black and white prints or “Engineering Color” for color prints. You will be prompted to enter you’re A#, which links     it to your ID Card, and there will be an optional box to name the file being printed. You will then come up to the Printing Station at the front of the lab where you can slide your card, pay,     and retrieve your print from the Lab Consultant working.

Go to preferences when printing and select “print on both sides” or “double-sided

At 5 pm during the week and on the weekends. Check Room 307 Calendar to see when it is available before 5 pm.
Download this PDF{link to PDF}, fill it out and send it to {insert email here}.
No, unfortunately there is not. In order to keep the systems clean and for your safety, they fully reboot with each logout. Remember to save to an external device.
Yes, we have a small lost and found consisting of mostly thumb drives. Valuables are usually taken to the Engineering Advising office. If you believe you have lost something in the lab,       check with us first and then check with the advising office.