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Our Mission Statement:

“Promote the personal and professional development of students through engagement beyond the classroom.”

What We Do


E-Council provides essential events and activities for all College of Engineering students.  We learn communication and leadership skills while planning events such as E-Week and our opening and closing socials (where we usually have hotdogs involved).  These important skills build resumes as well as provide experience for jobs.

Who We Are

poster presentation
Amongst our numbers, we count people from every major in the College of Engineering.  We have men and women ranging from sophomores to grads. Our non-school interests include making music, playing sports, watching Aggie football, and enjoying the "Great Outdoors."

2017-18 Officers

Clint Ferrin

Major: Electrical Engineering 

Erik Olson

Erik OlsonMajor: Mechanical Engineering

Tyler Dudley
Fundraising VP

Tyler Dudley Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Ethan Elison
Advertising VP

Ethan Elison Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Nicholas Huld
Clubs & Organizations VP

Nick HuldMajor: Mechanical Engineering 

Jeffrey Taylor
Graduate Students VP

Jeffrey TaylorMajor: PhD Mechanical Engineering

Derek Wilkins
Programming VP

Derek WilkinsMajor: Mechanical Engineering 

Jayden Zundel
Student Advocate VP

Major: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering 


Jason Eldredge

Jason EldredgeMajor: Biological Engineering 

Tyler Gardner

Tyler GardnerMajor: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering 

Daniel George
Administrative Assistant

Major: Mechanical Engineering 


Bridget Lundahl
Service Coordinator

Major: Computer Science

Sabrina Snow
Community Night Coordinator

Sabrina SnowMajor: Mechanical Engineering 

Sydney Taylor

Sydney TaylorMajor: Mechanical Engineering