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Nominate a Graduate Student Teacher of the Year

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

Nomination Procedures:

The College of Engineering seeks nominations from the departments for outstanding graduate students to be considered for College Graduate Student Teacher of the Year. (Submissions can only be made by the department heads). All department Graduate Student Teachers of the Year should be submitted to be part of the selection pool from which one will be chosen as the College Graduate Student Teacher of the Year.


  • Student must be employed as either a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Instructor, or General Graduate Assistant for the full year.
  • Student must be selected and endorsed by his or her department head.

Submission Materials

  • Name and A-number of nominee
  • Department of Nominee
  • 200-word bio of the nominee
  • Curriculum vitae in standard format (file upload)
  • A 2-page statement by the candidate, detailing his or her teaching experiences and student feedback, with an emphasis on USU involvement (file upload)


  • Department heads should seek broad input to identify department nominees.
  • Departments will utilize a department-specific process of selection
  • Department Heads will make the final decision in selecting the department Graduate Student Teacher of the Year.
  • The departments will fill out the online form to submit their selectees for consideration for the College of Engineering Graduate Teacher of the Year.
  • The Dean’s Office will select the College Graduate Student Teacher of the Year from the nominees submitted online.


  • Recipient will be recognized at the College of Engineering Research Award Ceremony held during USU Research Week.

Nomination Form


File Upload

Contact Information:
Melanie Ivans
Tel: 435-797-2021