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Frequently Asked Questions — E-State

Do I get a scholarship for attending E-State

All E-State participants are offered a $100 scholarship their freshman year if they enroll in an engineering major and $200 if they stick with engineering through their sophomore year.

We live far away. Do parents have to attend the awards luncheon?

Many parents attend because they want to see what their children have done during the week. Also, most of the students do not drive and need a ride home. Parents are not required to attend, however, if you believe you are going to receive an award it is nice to have them there for support.

When is the E-State application due?

You must complete your online application by 11:59 p.m. on March 18. Please be aware that the application requires you to upload your high school transcript. DO NOT wait until the last minute to complete your application. The application period may close early if registration fills up before the deadline.

Can I thank the donor or donors who provided my scholarship funding?

Yes! And you should. Contributions from generous donors are what make our great E-State program possible. Students have the opportunity on the closing day of E-State to write thank you cards to the Donors. The college of Engineering makes sure that the donors receive these thank you notes from the E-State students.

I have applied for E-State and not heard whether or not I am accepted, what now?

If you sent in your material and did not receive any information back from the college within two weeks, you should contact us to find out what your status is. Most correspondence is done through USPS and is not always guaranteed.

As E-State Participants, do we have to stay in the dorms?

Yes, we require that you stay in the dorms in order to get the whole college experience. There have been very few exceptions to this rule. If you need more information on this, please talk to the director.