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pre-professional program students

Pre-Professional Program

The Pre-Professional Program in the College of Engineering is designed to help students gather the necessary tools to be successful during their junior and senior years. The Pre-Professional Program focuses on math and science, as well basic engineering courses like Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Material Science, Thermodynamics and Engineering Graphics.

Requirements: The minimum GPA required in engineering specific courses is 2.3 for Biological, Civil, and Environmental; 2.8 for Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical; and 2.2 for Computer Science. If the GPA falls below the minimum requirement, a course can be repeated. If a student receives a grade lower than a C-, the course must be repeated. However, there can only be a total of three repeated courses in the Pre-Professional Program (Computer Science students should check with their advisor regarding the repeated courses rule). All students who complete the requirements and apply are admitted to the Professional Engineering Program (PEP).

Professional Engineering Program (PEP) Application: Students must apply to the Professional Program during the semester in which they will complete all required Pre-Professional courses. NOTE: In certain circumstances students can take junior level classes with permission from their advisor.