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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get credit for an internship?

Once you are accepted into the Professional Engineering Program (PEP) you can use a summer job (three months full-time) for a class in your major. You must make arrangements with the department before you start the job. The class you'll sign up for (the following fall or spring) is BENG 4250 for BENG, CEE 5900 for CIEN, CEE 5250 for ENVE, ECE 4250 for EE or CMPE.  Requirements vary between departments Contact: Kristina Glaittli, Retention Specialist  (435) 797-2705 for more information.

How do I find an internship?

Most engineers do summer internships. For a list of available positions, sign up with  Career AGGIES  or contact Suzanne Sumsion

How do I get permission for junior classes?

Students admitted to the professional program should be able to register for classes numbered 3000 to 5999. If you cannot, make sure you are accepted into the professional program (for requirements see General Catalog). If you are ready to apply to the Professional Program but lack 2-3 classes (up to 10 credits) you can ask permission to enroll in junior level classes. Go online to Apply for Permission to Take Junior Classes and review the rules and procedures.

Students in other Majors:

  • If your major requires or allows upper division engineering classes, you must get permission to take them. CS majors must have advanced standing in CS and they may register for upper division ECE classes. Geology majors and Industrial Hygiene majors will need permission. Go online to Apply for permission to take junior classes and review the rules and procedures.

How do I get the hold on my transcript removed?

Check the  ACCESS (Banner) system to determine the reason for the hold. Then call the phone number listed on the hold for information on how to get the hold removed. For example you may have a library fine, a parking ticket or owe money to the University.

How do I know the prerequisites for a class?

See course descriptions in the online catalog

How do I know when my finals are?

The dates for finals can be found in the Utah State University Academic Calendar

How do I make an appointment with my Advisor?

The College of Engineering Advising Center is a student's primary source for information and assistance regarding: academic advising, registration, admission to the College of Engineering, scholarships, general education and transfer credits.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To see a  list of engineering academic advisors, visit the Engineering Advising Center Website

For appointment call 435-797-2705, e-mail at or schedule online with appointment manager.

ENGR 314A Map

How/when do I get into the Professional Program?

At pre-registration time during the semester in which you are completing your last pre-professional class(es) you should apply online at Professional Program (PEP).

You won't be able to register for classes until after you've been admitted. Advisors cannot admit you until after final grades have come out. Classes won't fill up during that time.

I am still in High School and want to be an engineer. What classes do I take to prepare myself for College?

Please refer to the Major Requirement Sheets page to get an idea of what courses will be required at USU and try to find classes offered at your high school that will help prepare you with the future classes.

I have taken the prerequisite course(s) but the computer won't let me in the class. What can I do?

Several things are possible. If you took the course at another school we must have that transcript posted here. If it's here, an advisor may have to adjust something in the computer for it to recognize it as a pre-req, or an advisor may have to authorize you to take the class anyway. Engineering advisors can fix transfer classes. We cannot authorize students into non-engineering classes (e.g., math, chemistry, physics). You have to go to those departments for their authorization.

If the class is in progress elsewhere so we don't have the transcript yet (this often happens with math) you have to show the appropriate department that you're in the class somewhere so they'll be willing to authorize it. If you don't pass the class, you need to drop the one that was authorized. If a class is listed as a pre- requisite and you've completed it, we usually have to authorize that. The computer's looking for you to be registered for it right now.

I need a tutor. Where should I go?

Drop-In Math and Statistics Tutoring  provides tutors for all levels of Math and Statistics for the entire university at the Taggart Student Center (TSC) 225A.

The Academic Resource Center has tutors for a variety of lower-level courses, see schedule.

Computer Science Tutoring Lab is available to any student taking a computer science course.  It is located in Old Main 419 and is generally open Mon.-Fri. from 10:30 am - 9:00 pm.

The Engineering Advising Center has engineering students who tutor other engineering students in math, science, and engineering courses required in the first two years. They are located in ENGR 322 and 324. See the tutoring schedule posted at the Engineering Advising Center ENGR 314A MAP

We highly recommend their services!

What are the rules for the Professional Program?

The rules are outlined in the Utah State University online General Catalog and on the Major Requirement Sheets page.

What can I use my Advanced Credit (AP) and CLEP credits for?

Please refer to the General Catalog.

What general ed classes do I have left to take?

Begin by looking in Degree Works in your BANNER Account.  This will give you a good idea of what gen ed requirements you need to fulfill. Because Degree Works is not always completely accurate it is a good idea to check with your advisor.

If you transferred an associates degree (arts or science, not applied), the degree must be posted and you only need a DHA and a DSS which is a 3000 level class or higher. If you transferred credits from another school these may cover some general ed classes. To see how your credits have transferred look on your Access BANNER account.

Once you are logged into BANNER :

  • Go to Student
  • Record
  • Transfer Credit Awarded 

For more information visit:

General Catalog

Transferring Credits to Utah State University

What is a Engineering Ambassador?

Engineering Ambassadors are juniors or seniors in the College of Engineering, and represent all engineering majors. Their duties include giving tours of the College and helping with outreach activities (recruiting) for the University.

If you are considering Engineering as a Major and have questions you can make an appointment with an Ambassador by contacting the Advising Center:
Phone: 435-797-2705
Advising Center E-Mail
How can I become an Ambassador?
Openings for Ambassadors will be posted on the student employment site through CAREER AGGIE. Students applying are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and be accepted in the professional program in an engineering discipline.

What is a Mentor?

Please refer to the Advanced Placement & CLEP Website

What kind of salaries do engineers make?

All engineering disciplines earn a good living wage. See the recent numbers at salary & graduate data

What scholarships are available?

Continuing Students:

  • Scholarships for the next school year are awarded each spring. The application is available online January 1 (click here for  Application).  The Scholarship application deadline is January 31 and all completed applications should be submitted to the Advising Center by that date.  Students need not list the specific scholarships when applying because  the committee considers students for all available scholarships. Students in the Engineering Professional Program have priority. For a list of Scholarships visit Engineering Scholarships.

Transfer Students:

  • Scholarships for the next school year are awarded each spring. So whether you plan to transfer in August or January, you must apply in the previous January. The application (available online in January only on the Student Advising home page.) is due in the Engineering Advising Center by the last day of January. To see the variety of scholarships go to Available Scholarships. Students need not list the specific scholarships when applying. The committee considers everyone for everything. Most scholarships go to juniors and seniors (those in the Professional Program). So transfer students must be close to finishing the first two years of their major.
  • The University offers scholarships to transfer students. Information regarding qualifications and deadlines is available at Resident Transfer Scholarships and Nonresident Transfer Scholarships. These are usually worth more than College of Engineering scholarships. Admission, scholarship, application fee deadlines, and SAT/ACT admissions Index information can be found here.

Incoming Freshmen:

  • Your application to the University is also your scholarship application for University scholarships. Go toUSU Admissions/Scholarships for the criteria. That application also puts you in the database which the College of Engineering can access. We have a few scholarships for freshmen. We pull you from the database and solicit further information from you if you meet the minimum requirements, typically a graduate from a certain high school. You will not be selected for consideration unless your major is one of ours. So be sure to specify some major in engineering.
  • The Don and Melba Corbett Scholarship, for incoming freshman women in engineering. The application is available online October - January on the Student Advising home page.

What's the difference between computer science and computer engineering?

There is significant overlap between these two majors and each can take classes from Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering departments.  The basic difference lies in the fact that computer engineers create the hardware (the machine). Computer scientists create the software that runs across the machine.

Who is my academic advisor?

The College of Engineering advisors are here to help you. Visit the Engineering Advising Center website to see a list of advisors and the majors they advise.


Phone (435) 797-2705


Appointment Manager

Why does the computer say "Closed by Restriction" when I try to register?

It is usually due to one of the following situations:

  • You are not in the Professional Engineering Program (PEP) but you are trying to register for an engineering class above 3000. You either need to be admitted to the PEP or given permission to take the class(es).
  • You are trying to register for a special topics class (e.g. MAE 5930) and the department has to give approval for you to register. Email your advisor

I've started my freshman year and was given a scholarship at E-State but I don't see it on my account. How do I get that on there?

The E-State scholarships are applied your second freshman semester and first sophmore semester. If it's not automatically added then contact advising.

Phone (435) 797-2705

Looking to hire an engineer, how do I get word out?

Career Services Employers is in charge of job postings.

Phone: (435) 797-1746

How do I register for classes?

Visit the Registration page for more info.