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USU Engineering in the Media Background

USU Engineering in the Media

We're sharing our story with a bigger audience than ever before. Check out the latest headlines in local and global media:

Air Quality

USU Air Quality Experts Join Major Study on Utah's Wintertime Air


A New Tool for Wetland Management - USU Researchers Develop Model to Improve Arid-Region Wetlands

Randy Martin

Associate Research Professor Randy Martin interviewed for Ozone Study


Electric Vehicle and Roadway Facility featured in "Composites Manufacturing"

USU Biological Engineer Patents Method to Make Natural Blue Dye

See the global news coverage about Dr. Jixun Zhan's new patent on blue dye.
Jixun Zhan
Mosul Dam

The Crumbling Iraqi Dam That May Flood the Country

Foreign Policy Magazine interviews Dr. John Rice about Mosul Dam |
Engineers Without Borders

Treating Water Using Nails? Now That's a Sharp Idea!

IHS Engineering 360 covers USU EWB Mexico team |

Martin: Public Can Contribute to Bettering Cache Valley Air

The Herald Journal covers special event featuring Dr. Randy Martin |

"Urine Black Holes" MAE Faculty Working to Solve Splash-back Problem

Dr. Tadd Truscott discusses "Urinal Dynamics"Gizmodo |

"Urine Black Holes" MAE Faculty Working to Solve Splash-back Problem

CBC "As It Happens" | Dec. 1, 2015  (Starts at approx. 20 minute mark)

"Urine Black Holes" MAE Faculty Working to Solve Splash-back Problem

GoodDay Sacramento | Dec. 2, 2015

Computer Science Dept. Welcomes HackUState Teams

The Herald Journal covers Hack-U-State | 9, 2015
Jose Campos

USU student wins national engineering award

The Herald Journal interviews Jose Campos |Oct 20, 2015

Ten Strange Lights that Appear in the Sky

BBC Earth interviews Dr. Charles Swenson |

Researchers Find Use For Fracking Wastewater

Utah Public Radio speaks with Dr. Ron Sims |